AMR Studio Info
features top of the line recording rig


  • AMR features Amphion One18 monitoring.
  • All outboard gear and mics are top of the line equipment by
Located near Valley Circle Blvd and Vanowen Blvd. in West Hills CA. 
Contact: Daniell below for rates and bookings.
Equipment List


Pro tools HDX card DSP system
Pro Tools HD 2018
2013 Mac Pro 6-core Intel Xeon E5
64gb RAM
Sonnet thunderbolt 2 expansion

Raven Core Station with
Dual Slate Digital MTi2 touchscreen controllers
All major plugins Waves, Antares, Steven Slate ect...


Amphion one18 Monitors
with Amphion 500 power amp
and JBL LSR4328 monitors


Apogee Rosetta 800
Avid HD i/o 8x8x8
Digidesign 96 i/o

Outboard gear

Kemper Profiler Rack
Universal Audio 6176
Behringer X32 Rack
Line 6 Pod XT Pro
Drawmer MC2.1 monitor controller


Slate Virtual Microphone System
Telefunken M16 Mk II
Neumann TLM 193
Sennheiser MD 441
Sure DMK 57-52 drum mic set
Rode M5 matched pair
Sure Beta 58s
Sure Sm57s

Amps and Cabs

Marshall JCM 900
with 1960 Vintage 4x12 Marshall Cab
Fender Dual Showman Reverb
with 4x12 Road Cab
Ampeg 8x10 Bass Cab


Sonor Maple shell pack
Sonor Phill Rudd signature Brass Snare
Ludwig Black Beauty
Sonor Maple Snare
Paiste signature cymbals
Sonor Hardware
Tama Speed Cobra bass pedal
Tama Iron Cobra hi hat stand
Pearl H2000 Eliminator hi hat stand


Daion 555 Headhunter electric guitar
Schecter s1 Elite electric guitar
Dean Bass
Bedell Acoustic
Yamaha Acoustic
Line6 Variax